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MinneDemo Event May 7th 2009

Its time for yet another Minne* event. MinneDemo is will have 7 quick demos from software and hardware from individuals and small-startups in the Minneapolis - Saint Paul area. The best part about the event is that there are no PowerPoint slides. Only working products demonstrated before an eager and beer-ed up audience. Best of all, everything is free. Socialize, network, or just drink beer.

Thursday, May 7th

Get ready for another MinneDemo! MinneDemo is the Twin Cities’ premier technology demo and networking event. Come for the demos, stay for the beer and conversation. We will be back at Intermedia Arts, a cool art/performance space in Uptown’s Lyn-Lake neighborhood.
Date: Thursday, May 7th
Time: Demos start at 7pm
Location: Intermedia Arts 2822 Lyndale Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55408 (map)
Free Beer & Soda

Since MinneDemo is not at a bar this time, we’re brining in kegs, and it’s all free. Be sure to tip your bartenders. If you need to go all night, there’s tons of bars in the area.

  1. ShortJournal — an open source developer journal with a REST API (Zach Johnson)
  2. Skimmer — a lifestreaming app created by Fallon and Sierra Bravo that brings together your Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and YouTube streams (Chris Wiggins of Fallon and Chris Black of Sierra Bravo)
  3. Zeplay — a kick-ass multi-channel HD instant replay video server for live sports events (John Reilly)
  4. tinyEscrow — Source code escrow for programmers, not for lawyers. (Corey Thompson)
  5. Extendr — one link to rule all links. (Joseph Rueter)
  6. SightWare and SmartWatch — SightWare is an RFID inventory system that integrates with the SmartWatch web application to provide real-time inventory management (Harley Feldman)
  7. Cloudquad — a web-based student information system designed to streamline the daily workflow of school administrators, faculty, parents, and students while connecting the school community through basic tools for social interaction. (Kevin Whinnery)
  8. Pen Manufactory — design your own pen using an online CAD program, then have as many as you want custom manufactured using computer controlled milling equipment. (Joseph Hoover)
  9. Adagogo — hyper-local mobile ad platform created by DoApp (Joe Sriver)
  10. pitchR — control your presentations using your Android phone. (Vladimir Kelman)